Q: how to customize the magnet?
Answer: magnet custom process:
Magnet ordering process
Use, magnet material, size, surface coating, quantity and other requirements to confirm the quotation, arrange the sample confirmation contract to sign the contract and arrange the payment of the goods in advance...
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DONGGUAN MENGCI METAL TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. is located at Changan Town, known as the Pearl River Delta industrial manufacturing center - Dongguan City, Guangzhou City, neighboring Shenzhen city. Huizhou City, across the river, traffic is very convenient.
Manganese magnetism is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of NdFeB rare earth permanent magnetic materials and magnetic components. Since its inception, manganese magnetic rely on advanced management, first-class production equipment, perfect testing means, to provide customers with first-class quality products.
Manganese magnetic NdFeB has the characteristics of low loss, high consistency, high working temperature and high precision. In addition, the magnetic manganese magnet attaches great importance to the surface treatment of ndfeb. NdFeB magnetic manganese production can direct copper plating on the substrate or electroless nickel coating and substrate, so inseparable, so as to reduce the effect of coating on magnetic properties, has excellent corrosion resistance, excellent hydrophilic colloid.
After years of hard work, pioneering spirit, in the fierce competition in the market continue to grow and develop, has grown into a rare earth permanent magnet materials - NdFeB products R & D and manufacturing and sales of high-tech enterprises. The company produces NdFeB strong magnet: is widely used in electronics, speakers, toys, communications, hardware, printing, packaging, jewelry, stationery, gifts and other fields. .